Asset management

Mobineers offer Best-in-class IT Software solutions for Organizations to achieve their defined objectives on optimal blend of activities. The right approach of Asset Management system within Organization reduces the operational, financial risk, such as consequences of catastrophic failure and improves lifecycle costing and reporting.

Mobineers’s Assets Management Application user friendly accommodates and aligns the risk of owning a particular asset with the goals of the organization that operates automatically.Asset Management is not just about maintenance. Maintenance is part of the stewardship of assets, but so is design, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation, etc.

Top 5 Key features
  • User-friendly mobile web based accessible from iOS, Android Smartphone’s.
  • Most Secure only for authorized personnel
  • Easily Scalable and operate multiple locations
  • Fully customization you can changes according to the business need.
  • Real time monitor and Operation maximum availability, reliability and performance
  • Advanced analyses and reporting feature can be easily incorporated as per the customer’s requirement
  • Reduce the assets operating costs
  • Reduce the capital costs of investing in the asset
  • Improve the operating performance of their assets (reduce failure rates, increase availability, etc)
  • Minimize the environmental impact of operating the assets
  • Maintain and improve the reputation of the organization
  • Improve the regulatory performance, health of the organization