Consumer Information System

Mobineers ‘s Consumer Information System(CIS) makes it easy for you to record, access and view information you need to provide outstanding customer service. Whether it’s allowing you to handleconsumer complaints, enquiries or promotional offers,Mobineers’sCIS quickly provides all the details you need for fast decision making and high-quality customer service.

System has following modules
  • Consumer Complaint Handling System
  • Consumer Request Management System
  • Payment Processing System
  • Energy Bill Revision System

CIS provides you with greater efficiency, speed and flexibility. The customercentric design and rich graphical user interface (GUI) helps you streamline business processes and reduce duplication of entry, which allows your employees to be more efficient and responsive to customer needs.

  • Fully real-time integration on Mobile Workforce
  • Unlimited user-defined open fields and ensuring consistency and preventing incorrect data from being entered.
  • Self mentoring without having to technical skills
  • Ability to store unlimited record your business monthly billing, transactions etc.
  • User friendly navigation features

Our CIS is scalable to fit the needs of every utility—large or small (SEMs). You can easily implement the features you need now and add new features as your needs or markets change.