Purchase Management

Having identified the goals and requirements for the organization, the appropriate structure for the organization can be considered. Designing an organization the process formal system of communication, division of labor, coordination, control, authority and responsibility required to achieve an organization’s goals.

Mobineers deploys powerful cross‐functional integration software apps for automated mange corporate culture of participative teamwork and defined functional limitations of purchasing strategies, policies and enhance purchaser’s ability. It is also important to define responsibilities of purchasing organization and other organization inside the company e.g. manufacturing, R&D, logistics, marketing. Therefore there should exist so called “department‐specific activities” in order to clearly define internal competences.

Strategic Purchasing is often described and defined as: when purchasing activities are linked to the corporate strategic planning process mean keeps inventories as low as is consistent with maintaining production and supported by the increasing status of supply chain management.

    There are many key importance factors that affect most industries:  
  • Unique and Automated system no need to manual control
  • Reduce the total cost and time of acquisition
  • Increasing status of Supply Chain Management
  • Increasing influence that suppliers have on the purchaser’s ability to respond to end customers quickly
  • Across platform availability – Web, Android and iOS